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I will be looking into the Youtube channels ‘Chicken Shop Date’ and ‘Wall Of Comedy’. By doing this I want to find out what content they produce, their unique selling points, strategies used to capture audiences and what they are doing right.


Chicken Shop Date is a channel where host Amelia Dimoldenberg goes around the country having dates in chicken takeaway shops. The idea itself is very niche which is it’s U.SP making it humorous and light-hearted. It is almost satirical at times and the host Amelia plays a blunt character with dry humour. One of their strategies used to capture audiences is using famous people, usually attractive male celebrities which appeal to both young male and female audiences. It is a very successful episodic series which can be seen promoting through the Instagram page. Using Youtube to launch a series like this was a good idea as Youtube is very hot for such content where viewers can view for free and access easily.


Wall Of Comedy is a channel with content varying from challenges, interviews and discussions. It is best known for its series ‘Group Chat’ where comedians and influencers get together to watch viral and controversial videos from internet and TV. It is almost like a Gogglebox type series but more reacting to videos on the internet than just TV and it is watched in friendship groups rather than families/couples. The guests are a fixed group of people who react to the videos usually in pairs or threes. They tend to be quite close friends with their partners and it is interesting to see their relationships come out in the episodes. Having comedians and popular YouTubers adds a humorous dialogue to the show and strong characters quickly become favourites for their explosive reactions.   Their U.S.P is the idea of people reacting to viral videos, videos that the audiences would have seen or have been familiar with, making it relative to their target audience of young adults. The topics of discussion are what captures audiences as audiences want to see them discuss controversial topics and topics they would discuss with their own friends. Launching this content on Youtube is a strength as I don’t think it would have worked on any other platform due to it’s casual content and having a group of young adults as presenters make the content less serious and appeals to a younger audience who is better reached through a platform like Youtube.


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