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Updated: May 10, 2020

The Media Professional profile I will be analyzing is director Alfred Hitchcock’s website. The website itself is very simple and minimalistic with a basic color palette. The colors used on the website is mostly grayscale, with black and white being the predominant colors visible. The color palette is relative to the filmmaking genre and his era as he produced many black and white movies.

Upon entering the website you see a black page with minimum text, Hitchcock’s logo and a small silhouette at the bottom of the page. This minimalistic style of a website reflects Hitchcock’s image as a director as being slightly ambiguous and dramatic. 

The website follows a scroll to view layout where the tabs and logo stay fixed on the page and information is presented in strips on the page. The strip below is a combination of photo and video where there is changing quotes over a photo of his head.

Any other information can be found under the drop down menu and it is categorized so that information can be organized clearly. There is a tab ‘Life and Legacy’ which provides the history of his filmography as well and his biography. The ‘In The Media’ tab is where recent news and articles about Hitchcock can be found. ‘Hitchcock Brand’ is where all of Hitchcock’s works can be found and there is also a contact page. This again follows the black and white theme throughout for consistency.

Overall a very simple, minimalistic website that follows a greyscale colour scheme to reflect the image of the Hitchcock and black and white filmmaking era.


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